At the end of each year, everyone starts to wait only for Christmas and New Year, since this is the time of holidays, weekends and of course, gifts. Especially waiting for this time, the owners of eCommerce website Dubai, who anticipate the avalanche of shopping orders and profits. In this article I would like to talk about how you can improve your eCommerce website Dubai, so that in the holiday time it would be the most effective.


  1.   The very first thing is to think about the design, since the most important task will be to create an atmosphere of celebration and future rest. It is extremely important to arrange the design of the Web Design Sharjah correctly, because it is unlikely that a Santa Claus hat near the logo will give the desired effect. Ideally, to completely change the design of the site in the New Year format, add a few new blocks that will tell customers what to do on this site.
  2.   A proven idea is to create a special “festive” section in the store, where festive goods and various promotions will be displayed. A great idea would be to combine several items in a gift set. There is no need to make any seasonal discounts or offers from all goods for the winter. It is necessary to leave room for ordinary winter goods.
  3.   A very good idea is to set up a winter campaign of contextual and targeted advertising for special sections optimized for the New Year holidays.
  4.   It will not be superfluous to analyze SEO requests in advance, prepare the necessary “New Year” semantics related to the products of your eCommerce website Dubai and advance on these requests in TOP Google. For example, this can be done through a blog article on your site with a selection of themed Christmas goods.
  5.   Organize a competition in the most popular social networks. Competitions are always good, so it is worth holding a few with determining the winner on the eve of the New Year. Such a move will create the necessary excitement. 
  6.   Sets and promotions must be! Always keep in mind that a customer can buy several identical items. Here discounts on the similarity “1 + 1 = 3” will be very appropriate. 
  7.   When it’s time for holidays, people are already on the subconscious preparing for big spending money. To attract people, enter special promotional codes and discounts. This is sure to attract customers.

 It is imperative to check and properly train your staff. You may need to temporarily hire a few people. Better to worry about it in advance. Be sure to worry about the timeliness of processing all incoming orders. Technical support is one of the most important points in ordering.

If the goods have already been bought, but you are already waiting for a new delivery, realize the possibility of booking the goods at a special price. This will surely generate customer loyalty.

No matter what the scale of your eCommerce website Dubai. You should always encourage your employees to work. Encouraging employees, especially managers, often plays a key role in driving a customer to a purchase.

And yet, be sure to double-check the possibilities of the courier service, since then there will always be much more orders on the eve of the New Year. It is important that couriers can cope with such a load.


The period of the New Year holidays always requires maximum efficiency and involvement of each employee. It is very important that everyone works at the proper level. In fact the eCommerce website design attracts buyers and agitates them to buy. Remember that the more you invest in this work, the more you will receive, especially during the holiday period!

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